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10lb Mammites Nodosoides Ammonite Specimen

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This neat double Ammonite specimen will stand out in any mineral or fossil collection! This is a pretty large piece that shows the two ammonites beautifully. While these two fossils were probably not found like this, it is more than likely that these two fossils were mounted and fixed aesthetically on the center sandstone, which is from the same locality.  Keep in mind, because of the age and way they are extracted from the earth, many fossils do have repairs. We consider this to be an Extra Large Cabinet sized mineral specimen (XLC). This beautiful fossil is available today!

  • Locality: Asfla, Morocco 
  • Age: Late Cretaceous (Turonian Age) 
  • Measurement:  About ~ 11" x 8.75" x 3.75" 
  • Weight:4922g