Raw Ethiopian Opal Crystals, Mineral Specimen, & Cutting Rough

These beautiful opals from Ethiopia are among the finest opals available. The amazing patterns, intense play of color, and large sizes are a few of the reasons they have been such a hit on today's market. Not only that, they have a great price point in comparison many to other sources with similar play of color. 

These pieces you see on my site are the same top quality material that we use to cut for the fine jewelry we create in our jewelry store. Many of these pieces will have amazing yield if you plan on cutting, cabbing, faceting, or carving these beautiful opals. Each piece has a different and unique play of color that is rarely seen in many other sources of opal.

Discovered in 2008, these opals are from Welo, Ethiopia. They are well known for their hydrophane properties, which means they absorb and release water (almost like a sponge). This is a great benefit to this material, and this is because it keeps the opal from drying out and crazing (cracking).

That being said, there are some special precautions that should be taken with these opals. You do not want to submerge them in water for an extended period of time, and absolutely no heavy oils should be applied to them. Oil will ruin the color and it most likely will not return. If they get wet with water, they may look milky or go clear for a few days, but the color should return. If you keep this in mind when owning your opal, you'll get to enjoy the mystic beauty for years to come.