About Mineral Mike

Hello and thanks for stopping by! I’m Mike Moriarty, owner of MineralMike.com!  I’m avid mineral collector and retailer. My love for gems and minerals stems from a very young age. Ever since I can remember, gems have been a part of my life, and this is because my father Steve Moriarty has been in the gem trade for over 35 years! He is a seller of fine colored gemstones, so I have seen 1000’s of gemstones throughout my life. My attraction to natural crystals and minerals developed after a few trips to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Shows that are held in Arizona every year. I started going with my dad Steve in 2007 (who is also a lapidary) to learn more about the gem business, how to buy faceting rough, and fine cut colored gemstones. It is here where I was exposed to this huge, culturally diverse, gem and mineral show that housed the most beautiful array of crystals and minerals from all over the world.  After the first couple of times going, I was hooked.

I am mainly attracted to anything that catches my eye and has a nice showy look to it. I prefer cabinet sized pieces that will show well in a home or large cabinet, but I do find a few oddities that spark my interest in other ways. When looking for my inventory, I'm not seeking perfect undamaged specimen, but I do look for things that stand out and are of good quality for a reasonable price. I do not tend to purchase in bulk or by the flat, so each piece is hand selected personally by me. This is why you won’t see too many repetitive listings of the same mineral or locality.

You may also be wondering, is selling crystals and minerals what I do full time. The answer to that is no. I am actually a full-time bench jeweler at my family’s fine jewelry store, Moriarty’s Gem Art, in Crown Point, IN. I am on the manufacturing end of our custom design shop, so I am mainly doing finishing, setting, casting, and repair work on our jewelry. I’ve been working on the bench for 12 years now. You can see some of our work online at www.MoreGems.com!

My passion for seeking out these beautiful works of natural art is real, so my hope is that I can help you can find an amazing piece here at MineralMike.com. If you have any questions I will be here to assist you, so please feel free to contact me if you need any help picking out your next fine mineral.


Mike Moriarty