Raw Natural Peridot Crystal Specimens for Sale

Beautiful green natural raw Peridot Crystals. Peridot is the birtstone of August. These beautiful green peridot mineral specimen are from Pakistan. 

Pakistan is considered to be the finest source for peridot in the world. Many speak so highly of this particular source because of the secondary blue that this material has. Many shy away from peridot, since many of the other sources where peridot is found has a secondary yellow, which gives it a less appealing color.  

Pakistani Peridot on the other hand, has a rich blue/green, that makes those who thought they didn't like peridot change their mind and see that it can be a very beautiful natural gem. 

These crystals from Pakistan are amazing. They have great sharp terminations and crystal faces. Not only that but the amazing color that you would expect from a peridot from Pakistan, as well as large sizes and a gemmy look to them. 

If you're in the market for a peridot crystal, look no further as we have some very fine pieces available to you.