Raw Natural Peridot Crystal Specimens for Sale

Natural Green Peridot Crystal Specimens from Pakistan

Chemical Composition: (Mg Fe)2SiO4

Mohs Hardness: 6.5 - 7

Color: Green, Yellow Green, Blue Green

Crystal Habit: Orthorhombic


Peridot from Pakistan, the world’s finest source of peridot.

This peridot source that was discovered in the early 1990’s, high in the Himalaya mountains of Pakistan, showed the world how beautiful peridot can be. Unlike other sources of peridot, which tend to have a very yellow-green color, this material has been rich, bold, and bright green. Sometimes it can even have undertones of blue and can also portray a minty green color as well. Those who know peridot, can confirm of this source’s amazing color!

The crystals that have been coming out of this mine currently have been showing great color, beautiful terminations, and very gemmy areas within. Occasionally, you will see some tiny thin black needle-like inclusions within the crystal that are called ludwigite crystals. This is unique to peridot from Pakistan. There are also incredibly large size crystals (large for peridot) coming out of these mines. I have some crystals available that are over 200 carats and have even been offered larger!

As far as their crystal habit goes, peridot crystals tend to form in an orthorhombic system and can have some complex terminations on a single specimen. They can also show double terminations and twin crystals. The surface of many of these crystals has a shallow natural etching, which shows on most of the crystal faces as an almost sandblasted look. But, in general, there are faces that are clearly not as etched, which in turn, are much more transparent.

Finding peridot crystals like this is uncommon and rare. These pieces are amazing and from a unique source. When I look at these peridot crystals, it is what I imagine a true gem to look like. I was very excited to be able to select the best and offer them to you!