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Fossil Mosasaur (Prognathodon) Tooth (2.125'')

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This awesome single Mosasaur tooth will stand out in any mineral or fossil collection! This is a pretty large sized tooth that is still connected to the root. In general, when we see these teeth still connected to the root, this signifies that the tooth came from a dead animal, not a shed tooth.  The tooth itself is about 2.125". Keep in mind, because of the age and way they are extracted from the earth, many fossils do have repairs. We consider this to be a Large Cabinet sized mineral specimen (LGC). This beautiful fossil is available today!

  • Locality: Morocco 
  • Age:  82 to 66 million years ago during the Campanian and Maastrichtian stages of the Late Cretaceous.
  • Measurement: 5.75" x 1.75" x 1.25"
  • Weight:184g