6cry 1935

186g Daylight Fluorescent Fluorite with Galena from England

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This gorgeous piece of Diana Maria fluorite was found near the now famous Rogerley Fluorite mine in England. It displays the same daylight fluorescent characteristic (green to bluish green in daylight) as the Rogerley material, but is a relatively new find. This piece is very gemmy, has deep color, and has some great fluorite and galena crystals attached. You can see in the photos the daylight fluorescence outside (deep blue towards the outer edges of the fluorite crystals) and another photo under a longwave UV flashlight. In normal indoor lighting it is a deep green. We consider this piece to be a Small Cabinet Sized Specimen (SMC).

  • Locality: The Hidden Forest Pocket, Diana Maria Mine, Frosterly, Weardale Co. Durham, England
  • Measurement: 91.4mm x 49.3mm x 37.9mm
  • Weight: 186g