6cry 1027

Aquamarine Crystals & Mica from Pakistan

This amazing piece has everything you want from a Pakistani Aqua specimen. The aquamarine crystals have a vibrant light blue color, with a fine crystal standing straight out of the specimen and another laying length wise. Along side this beautiful gemmy aquamarine are the lustrous mica crystals that glitter in the light. This fine display specimen will look amazing in your collection. We consider this to be a Large Cabinet (LGC) sized specimen. This outstanding piece is available today!

  • Locality: Chumar Bakhoor (Mine), Nagar Province, Gilgit, Pakistan
  • Measurement: 107mm x 91mm x 65mm
  • Weight: 435g
Metaphysical / Healing Properties: TBA

*Crystals & Minerals should not be used to replace Modern Medicine.