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Apophyllite and Stilbite Crystal Stalactite

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When I first saw this specimen, I was amazed by the size and overall presence of this spectacular piece. This stalactite is mainly composed of the white/clear apophyllite and accented with the beautiful peachy colored stilbite that grew along with it. Many of these specimen will grow within large geodes and sometimes it is difficult for the miners to get these stalactites out in one piece. I believe that was the case with this particular specimen and this is because it does show signs of it being repaired (only under long wave UV light, otherwise it is not visible) about halfway through the apophyllite stalactite. That being said, it was pieced back together seamlessly and is an extraordinary specimen that looks great in any mineral display. We consider this to be an Extra Large Cabinet specimen. This beautiful mineral specimen is available today! 

  • Locality: Jalgaon, India 
  • Measurement: 522mm x 124mm x 101mm
  • Weight: 4.93lbs
Metaphysical / Healing Properties: TBA

*Crystals & Minerals should not be used to replace Modern Medicine.