6cry 1753

861ct Big Gem Aquamarine Crystal

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This excellent aquamarine crystal has a beautiful termination and a nice gemmy blue-green color.  A portion of this crystal is quite clean and could double as a piece of faceting or carving rough, which could potentially produce a large finished gem. Our gem cutter estimates that it could potentially cut a gem that would weigh somewhere between 90-140ct.. According to our estimate, it would be valued at $12,000.00 (based on a 100ct faceted gem) wholesale price.  Whatever you decide to do with it, currently it is an amazing mineral specimen. Note: Estimating yield from a piece of rough is not an exact science, so the finished gem weights could vary depending on the cutter and if there are any hidden issues that arise when cutting. 

  • Locality: Mozambique
  • Measurement: 72mm x 46mm x 38mm
  • Weight: 861ct