51.31ct Amazing Natural Unheated Tanzanite Crystal

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This gorgeous Tanzanite Crystal displays a magnificent deep blue and violet hue complemented by its splendid termination. At the base lies a translucent gemmy window, which exhibits a grayish color. When exposed to a polarized light source, such as a computer screen, the window's color shifts to a vivid yellow-orange. Audiences will be awed by this mineral's exceptional beauty - watch the video to get a full 360° view. Mined from the Merelani Hills, Tanzania, this Tanzanite Crystal weighs in at 51.31ct and measures 29mm x 16mm x 10mm. Unheated and natural in color.

  • Locality: Merelani Hills, Tanzania
  • Measurement: 29mm x 16mm x 10mm
  • Weight: 51.31ct
  • Color: Natural Unheated

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