Amazing 384ct Ethiopian Opal

Amazing 384 carat opal from Ethiopia! This gem has been polished on the top to reveal more of the opal and scenic view to the rough on the opposite site. *This particular opal does need to be stored moist to keep it from crazing, so we recommend a clear jar or dome filled with water. They make amazing display specimens, but are not suitable for jewelry. Looks stunning in direct sunlight and in direct view of lamp/overhead lighting. We consider this piece to be miniature (MIN) mineral specimen (although the plastic dome does create an illusion of a larger piece). 

*This piece will be shipped wrapped in moist paper towel and you will need to refill the plastic dome with distilled water upon receiving the opal. THIS PIECE MUST REMAIN MOIST, if not, it will craze.

Weight: 384 carats

Measurements: 50mm x 45mm x 27mm

Locality: Welo Ethiopia