208ct Transparent Crystal Opal with Intense Play of Color

 Beautiful non-hydrophane crystal opal from Ethiopia! This is a fine specimen of crystal opal and looks amazing in the plastic display dome. It looks stunning in direct sunlight and in direct view of lamp/overhead lighting. A great display piece. 

This particular opal does need to be stored moist to keep it from crazing, so we recommend a clear jar or dome filled with water. They make amazing display specimens, but are not suitable for jewelry. We consider this piece to be a Small Cabinet (SMC) mineral specimen. (The display dome is larger than measurements shown below.)

*This piece will be shipped wrapped in moist paper towel and you will need to refill the plastic display dome with water upon receiving the opal. THIS PIECE MUST REMAIN MOIST, if not, IT WILL craze. We suggest using distilled water.

Weight: 208 carats

Measurements: 67.5mm x 26.3mm x 29.6mm

Locality: Ethiopia