6cry 1917

16.88ct Unique "Snake Skin" Pattern Cabochon Ethiopian Opal (Polished)

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Welo Ethiopian *hydrophane opal (Cut Cabochon) specimen with an amazing play of color.  While I don't usually offer cut and polished gems, this piece was something unique I saw from one of my suppliers. The pattern is very cool and it has a clear "egg" on the back. It is a great piece to display as a specimen or to mount into jewelry. Watch Video to see the play of color and full view of this opal.

*We recommend that this hydrophane opal material NOT be submerged in water and it should never have any oils applied to it. Oils/perfumes/dyes can ruin the opal, so special care should be taken when wearing. If it does get saturated with only water, the color should return within a few days. Also, due to the hydrophane nature of this opal, the weight can vary slightly with humidity. 

  • Locality: Ethiopia
  • Measurement:  26.5mm x 15mm x 8.1mm
  • Weight: 16.88ct