6cry 1819

12.3ct Gemmy Fluorescent Chrome Topaz Crystal Specimen

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This chrome topaz crystal has a beautiful & gemmy yellow color. While beautiful in natural lighting, these chrome topaz crystals have the unique characteristic of fluorescence and will fluoresce a beautiful pinkish/red color when viewed in a dark room under a long wave UV flashlight. The last photo is an example of a group of Zambian chrome topaz crystals (this particular piece is shown somewhere in this group shot) displayed under natural light and under a long wave UV lamp to show the fluorescence seen in this material. *Keep in mind, some crystals will have a stronger fluorescence than others. We consider this piece to be a Thumbnail sized Specimen (TN).
  • Locality: Zambia
  • Measurement: 14mm x 11.7mm x 9.1mm
  • Weight: 12.3