10.86ct Beautiful Color Zoned Sapphire Crystal (Repaired)

This raw Sapphire crystal specimen has been REPAIRED, but has beautiful Crystal Structure and has natural unheated color. The crystal itself was cracked into two pieces when I got the parcel, so I reattached the two sides with a strong two part epoxy. It's the same epoxy that we use when faceting our gemstones to keep the rough on the dop when faceting, so it is a very strong bond. The price of this crystal reflects the repair and you can see where it was cracked in the marked photo.

Keep in mind, the crystals in the photo look much larger because of the camera and you should rely on the measurements in the description when considering size. This is a thumbnail (TN) sized mineral specimen.

Weight: 10.86ct

Measurements: 18mm x 10.7mm x 6.5mm

Locality: Ratnapura, Sri Lanka